7 January 2010

PastInPresent / VergangenheitInDerGegenwart


Anonymous said...

Yet again I love your work !
It's great how in every drawing there's a twist, something that makes it truly unique. In this case the creepy popartesque lips are perfect !

Maria Confer said...

Amazing. Her eyes hair and double lips are beautiful. I swear I'm always drawn to their hair first. You do it so well.

Lulu Letty

emily said...

i love the not-quite-lining-up of the lips. :) great work!

Shopper said...

I love her lips, great idea :).

french little thing said...

Your drawings are just amazing. They are imperfect and that's why is so perfect. It's dificult to explain. I came here trough your comment in my blog frenchlittlething.blogspot.com

Nadege said...

again the eye - speak volumes -

how do you conjure such emotion
with a pencil & what must be
an other-worldy imagination?

& the lipstick - askew - reminds
me of liza in cabaret.